Sunday, November 13

Where's the wrong?


Those who may not find this post interesting, please, with all respect, proceed to your close button. 

This post is maybe temporary. 

I'm very very very weird with your style. When I text you, you replied with those conversation cutter. When I called you, you talk as if with a government worker. When in front of me, no words is coming out unless I force you to talk. When you talked about something, and I unpurposely didn't hear anything , (as you were murmuring, mumbling or so whatever you can call it), then suddenly you said, 'nothing.' you know, and I was like ..................@#$!%$ !!!
It's weird okay. Very very the weird. 

and you would asked me then,

"What's wrong?"

I tell you.

THIS IS THE WRONG. This crap that are we talking about. 

Why don't you just tell me, you didn't want to talk to me. It's easy aite?

What are you afraid of? We didn't do nothing wrong. Is there anything wrong? Tell me. 
I'm not an invisible person. Why are you afraid of people around you? We are not spies that we have to talk like whispering or talking in a code.

Talk with me . Not answer me. Please reduce the Okay, Yup. and the silence along the way.....
and changing the topics when I'm still talking about it. Are you bored talking with me? If yes, then why bother call me? 

I should stop by now. Cool off for a moment. Hurgh.

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