Wednesday, November 9

Oh My


Should I say good morning? It's 12:12 a.m already. Yup, I should say good morning! Lately I can't sleep early. Before this, during my early sem oday, I used to sleep like 10.30 or at least before 12.00, but now, it is hard for me to sleep early. I don't know what's wrong with me, or him, or her, or we, or they, or us.

Ya, I know I might sound pathetic or sad or whatever you can called me after this, but I just have to write it here okay, come on, give me a chance to spill my words, my thoughts, my emotions sometimes. I'm not a good talker, nor a good writer, but just I have to write it somewhere. 

Erm, how do I say this? My last post, I do write about how I regret my misunderstood with the person I loved. Stilll, our relation did not growing very well lately. Eventually, we discussed and finally, we've come to the agreement that we should start all over again. Maybe some misunderstanding should not be considered, as well as in any relationship, whether it is friendship or whatever it is, we should at least talk and consider other's opinion, and learn to respect each other in the way they like it.

My father is not very well this couple of weeks, he coughed so hard that he hurts his stomach. He lost his appetite and as her only daughter, I am very very worried and sad seeing my daddy like that. I tried helping but I don't know whether my help is enough for him or not. I hope it is enough for him. His body becomes hot sometimes and his face turns red, I thought that could be because of his temp, he become thinner a little bit, as his digestion is not very well sometimes.  I really want my daddy  to be well enough, seeing him eating much , and doing his favourite work, gardening in front of our house. Get well soon abah!

See my abi here? He is my cute handsome Mr. Jamil Yahaya, I love you so much abi! ;)
He is very sporting in this picture, hoho. :)
My Aidiladha story? Um, I have no moods of writing it now, will updates about it soon. But, the thing that sure is sad, that my dad's "lembu korban" fell into a hole after being slaughtered and it even didn't died yet, poor for him :( 

Tomorrow, my brothers is returning to their place, and I would be left with my parents here. Hm. No comment further. 

Dear heart, please be strong, I'm sure that person has explanations or reasons for what the person is doing right now. :( 
I'm sure you are strong enough. 

"# Hmm...I know u are a strong girl a**h, maybe u need to just forget for a moment, let times heals everything :) " -her words, thank you love 

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