Thursday, November 3

my dear heart


Good morning to all. I've been searching idea about what I'm going to write for long. Well, all this misunderstand things keep bothering me. I know it's usual for two people who loved each other for Allah must have their ups and downs situations.

I do have now, and adding the pain which is it is with my best friend, dear sister the one I loved the most. My sister, my friend whom I respect and I can share everything with her. Usually I don't like to post this kind of cheesy-lame post but when have to think and nobody to share about. I become disturbed.

Seriously, I don't like to have argument with her. It hurts. I hate of hearing she cried. I hate she's been hurt by me. I hate when everything is not going well. 

If she denied it, I still know it's my fault. I feel guilty too much. See how misery I become. :'(

I just want to say I'm sorry then.

I miss you. So much.

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