Thursday, November 10

Better be something


Somebody I know said to me, someone said to her that there is no such things like coincidence, everything is fated.

I know, I still remember all the things that have been thought to me. I understand on the trustworthiness given to me. I'm prepared for everything as long as it is not against my belief. Sometimes, I feel the weirdness in my head, but I tend to let it go, not making my head more miserable as it can be.

But, the story aroused the interest in me, in another chapter in my life. A new chapter, a new book or could I say a new file? I need to store, keep it nice and safely in my computer(head). Everyday a new things, a new incident, the storyline is getting interest. Many assumptions were made, sometimes, you wont even know the truth of those assumptions. It's easy to said, not easy to hold, that's why patience is thought.

Eventhough, sometimes, the same thing will happen to you, but, I'm sure, the second story has been a lot more interesting, does it? I don't mind, seriously, in fact, I want to hear to. It's not that I'm making any experiments or so whatever, I'm just observing, and you, you are making the story very interesting.

Do the person really acting in that way, or just acting in that way? I don't know, I can't answer, I didn't really know the person. You know better. You decide it.

Well, let's hope for the best, shall we? 

I found this post in my draft section, just need to post it. I don't really know what was I talking back then. Sorry for wasting your time reading this. 

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