Monday, October 17

What has been happening?


Hey Fellas!

It's been too too long that I've never updated this blog of mine. Not a single words even a short reply at the shoutbox next  ---->. 
(sorry fellas for those who's been very kind of writing those comments there, I appreciate that)

To write is to need a great idea, and to get great the idea is like, for everyday, err.. it's not my skill. Well, the problem is I'm not the kind of person who's easily spill it all out. I've been preparing for my Malaysian University English Test. I've a great feeling of nervous for this test. I mean, come on people, who's doesn't? To be nervous as such those things. That's mean you're normal then.

From my last post until this current hot post, I've lots of things happening around me. From the happiest one, till the saddest ones. From all those laughters, to all those tears. But that's just how life happens. That's just how life rules. For all the things that I've never thought of coming into my life, and how much it is happening right now,  I appreciate the things. Thanks Allah ;)

I don't think there's people reading this blog anymore. Many would thought that it had been abandoned, my fault. I've busy tweet-ing and facebook-ing, that those webs always reduce my idea of writing in a long way. Especially for twitter, when you're thinking of saying something, but then in the most simplest way that you could tell so that you won't exceed the limit of words given. That's just how easily the idea being taken. Huhu.

I really want to make this blog updated, for like, everyday. The thing is, what should I be telling then? Hmm..

I'm going to my college tomorrow, as I've been volunteering myself to be one of the committees for the sport programmes. Ten days. Which makes me of not forgetting to tell you that I will be seating for my speaking test tomorrow. :) Wish me the best please! I appreciate that! ^_^

Until now, ta-ta


Should I reconsider of renovating my blog? Hmm...