Friday, August 12

3 months of silence, hehehe


Hard to believe this, but it's been three months my blog been dead silence. And I was forced by my several friends to keep updating this blog, and I was like " Oh...malaslah", because I know once I started, it would be hard for me to stop posting post. -.-'

Many things had happened while my silence moment. When I said many, I MEAN it. There are so many to tell, but if I start to write about them, it would take at least two days and a long, full scroll down mouse to bottom page post. (seriously, I wasn't sure what I'm talking about) Haha.

Eh, dahlah cakap omputih, dah dah.

Saya kagum dengan kawan saya dua orang ini, boleh katakan setiap hari ada sahaja benda yang hendak dipost oleh mereka. Banyak betul idea diorang ini. Nak tengok blog diorang, meh saya bawa anda pergi

Sini dan Situ (hehe, saje nak promot diorang ni)

Eh, boleh tak eyna nak stop dekat sini, penat lah nak taip. Haha, nanti eyna sambung lagi cerita2 dengan korang2. :)

Kbai. Hehe


Some ....
I found you coincidently when I coincidently was checking another user with another profile.
And coincidently you are one of my friend's friend who I know recently and both of you used to live in the same place or should I say the same environment for quite several years. Which for me is a great thing because through your story, maybe there are details or anything relevant that I should know about my friend.  


You started your blog couple years ago, and every month, you post for not less than 10 posts (maybe one or two month which had a smaller number of post),referring to your archives, and each of your post title had very strong word that is hard for me to skip on. I was like, I must read this, this and this, and it turn out to be, I must read all your posts. But never mind, I like your blog. And I don't mind spending some time reading , or you just don't like me to read it?

Hey, I'm not stalker okayy...