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I'm thinking of changing the font I used to write on every post I wrote. 

Yesterday, 8/4/2011

2011 minus 1994, that makes a total of 17.
17 already this year, not really a big number but big responsible of course. What is it? I'm turning 17 lah, tak, I've already 17. Because it's yesterday. The celebration? Tak hade la tip top melampau sangat.

Just, in the evening, my parents suddenly asked,  "ade nak pergi makan mane2?"

I, who just got up from sleep due to fairly godparents cartoon tu mamai2 fikir nak pergi mane. (I found out recently susah nak habiskan satu cerita cartoon. Kadang-kadang guts tu ade juga terasa nak tengok cartooonnnsss..hehe)

So, I made decision, let my parent do the decision, lagi senang. Finally, shopping some of my stuff , and have dinner bought at McD then brought back home. Malas makan dekat situ.
My mom bought me two piece of cakes, and I really love it. Thanks, ma.
My dad gave me something worthy and for sure, I'm really lovin' it. Thanks, pa.

Thanks, mom and dad ^__^
 Raising up a year by year means adding more responsible to yourself, and minussing the distance between the end of life. Org cakap, selamat hari lahir dan semakin dekatlah dengan kematian. I'm reminding myself to be grateful for what did I have for until now. 

Thank you for all who involve himself/herself/themselves in giving, writing, sketching, and wishing all the wishes for. Thank you for all the priceless gifts. Maybe someday I could return all you good deeds, and if I couldn't, let just pray that His Almighty, Allah s.w.t pays with a lot greater rewards. Cause that is what we searching for, right?

Miss Noty Teddy and Miss Dhamira Azzalea Mierah, thankyousomuchforthepost. I miss u guys. :')

Till then, Happy birthday myself! And happy becoming older ^__^

*a little note over here for youknowwhoyouare: I'm not taking SPM just because I'm 17, and I don't wish to be called for PLKN next year, it's Allah who decides everything that is the best for His servant.

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