Wednesday, March 2

Final touch

Salam readers,

Finally, I've done playing, editing, searching, reading, scrolling, writing, clicking, remembering, typing, erasing, adding, and other ing's with the html code blah blah blah....

It's very hard to find the right, I mean the suitable cool elegant beautiful sweet template that can catches my heart, (byk kerenah betul kan?)

However, this is my blog, so I will make it the best. I want and I insist. :)

Construction is half-done, I still have some left to do. Example, managing the blogs I following, and organizing it at the right place. Do I have to put some music in here? 

I know it is not very best, but this is the best that I can do, for a beginner like me. Editing the html is one big challenge for me, as I'm not very 'pandai' in handling the codes. *sigh

Till then, I promise I will update soon. Loads to tell, I guess. ;)


Eyna ;)


yuhoney said...

cantik background..

Aina Mardhiya said...

thanks yu...
appreciate dat comment..
pray the best for me , k!

All the best for ur blog too! =)