Friday, January 14

a thing to ask

I just hope that despite all the troubles that you have to face, you would be strong enough to handle it. I wouldn't interfere,

I missed your truth smile in this couple of days, I know you smile, but it seems a little bit odd this time, I know you had something in your mind, but as you, you wouldn't say a thing about it. I respect your right. It's yours, I know. 

Sometimes I wish to say, " Let the thing happen by its flow", and " relax, there might be something hidden in all the things that happened", but I know, it's not me who's facing the situations,

You got hurt, and I think this time badly, and I'm so sorry for not helping so much. I don't know how can I help, maybe if you want me to stay away, I would follow so, as long as you would be the same as you are, cause you are great when you be like you, as YOU, the only YOU>>>>

I know you will read this one day, and I just want to say I'm sorry and I <3 You,,,=)

May Allah bless you with great blessings from Him,
Best Wishes,

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