Monday, January 17

terasa nak update

lately, I feel that my post is getting weird,..

Too tired, dengan SMACnye, dengn workshopnye, dengan photoghrapnye...huish...Allah sahaja yang mengetahui...
I hope this week is getting better. especially for us. :)

takde pape pon, saje je nk update.
Blom sampai seru nak tulis pasal event terbaru..Huhu

Friday, January 14

a thing to ask

I just hope that despite all the troubles that you have to face, you would be strong enough to handle it. I wouldn't interfere,

I missed your truth smile in this couple of days, I know you smile, but it seems a little bit odd this time, I know you had something in your mind, but as you, you wouldn't say a thing about it. I respect your right. It's yours, I know. 

Sometimes I wish to say, " Let the thing happen by its flow", and " relax, there might be something hidden in all the things that happened", but I know, it's not me who's facing the situations,

You got hurt, and I think this time badly, and I'm so sorry for not helping so much. I don't know how can I help, maybe if you want me to stay away, I would follow so, as long as you would be the same as you are, cause you are great when you be like you, as YOU, the only YOU>>>>

I know you will read this one day, and I just want to say I'm sorry and I <3 You,,,=)

May Allah bless you with great blessings from Him,
Best Wishes,

Tuesday, January 4

What more could I say

What more could I say? I can't force people, while she might be already made a decision. I CANNOT force people, let say, if you ask me, of course I want you to be on my side, that's why I didn't replied anything, because I don't want to be one-sided. I don't want to be selfish. 

Totally, I'm frustrated, that's the truth. Well, you don't have to worry, it's not your fault. It's mine, I'm not really well right now, too many things happened in the way I didn't expect to. I'm shocked, sad, depressed, and frustrated. 

I hope you would do the right things, as I know you know the best for you. I would not say much. 
I would only say if you refuse for bad reason, but right now all I can see is you have good reasons to do so, so what more could I say? I will not force you, I won't. 
Don't get influenced by me, live your life happily, I just want you to be happy. 

I really don't like forcing people. That's all.

Let this new year be a new leaf for me, not that kind of leaf at the tree. I mean a new life, a new chapter, a new moments. 


Happy New Year to all of you

Best wishes, 

"Sometimes it takes time to understand something, I guess"