Sunday, December 26

About it

Cuti mid-semester telah bermula semalam :)

Eventhough permulaan cuti ini bermula dengan sesuatu yang tak ku duga.
Pertama kali dalam sejarah hidupku berlaku sedemikian rupa, tapi ku pasti Allah dah susun sebaik-baik perancangan. Manusia merancang, Allah menentukan. Allah tahu apa yang terbaik untuk hamba-hambaNya. Faten cakap, "Serahkan segala-galanya pada Dia, Insha Allah ada jalan penyelesaiannya" Thanks sahabat, thanks for being there helping me, may Allah bless u.

Cuti ini xde planning ape2 sangat, homework banyak, tapi satu buku pun x bawa balik, because I know it will be so hard for me nak buka buku tu during my holidays. 
Parents nak balik kampung cuti ni, Johor. That's all. Best jugak, lama x balik kampung...
Bolehla melihat apa yang sudah berlaku di Johor, who knows, maybe I can meet my friends there ;)

Last night, I had BBQ session at my mak long's house, It's fun, three families gathered together, Mak long's, Mak uda's(my fam) and my ucu's. Bestla cause lame x gather all cousins macam tu. Terasa macam makan banyak pulak malam tadi. Hehe

Between Iphone4, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry, mana lagi best? Nak opinion...

Oklah, I think that's all. Need to pack things up. Till then, Assalamualaikum...

"Dear Allah, 
I don't know all the challenges my friend facing but You know everything,
I hear her silence, but You hear her plead,
I see she laughing, You see her tears, 
I see when she give, You see what has been taken from her,
I see her appearance, You see the scars in Her soul, 
I experience her faith, You see her doubts,
So, please Allah, Keep her always with You, Bless her abundantly for all the time to come;
Thank you Allah"

Thanks friend for the words, I just love it :)

Thursday, December 2

Face the situations

Don't want to get back to the old habits, that's all. It hurts when have to do like that. Seriously, have to control. Must have the determination. Please.

Wednesday, December 1


This is not about those reaction in the Chemistry.


First of all, Bismillah..

'A sentence or an expression can gives a lot of meanings', that's my status on the fb today. I don't know why I feel that I must put it. Lately, things happen too much and happens too fasssttt! People react with so many ways. Including myself, I admit. Sometime, we don't quite sure on our reaction. But, at last, you'll sit and think back on your reaction. And you realize that it's too late to repeat or to rewind all the things that happened. 

Also, there's quite small number of people that have no reaction at all. You'll have to put some materials or maybe some catalyst that catalyst the person to react. 

What will happen if we over react? That's a thing too. Do we realize when we did something like that?

Why there's a people that react with unusual ways? It's not suitable for them. Why they have to be something that is not suitable for them? 

Life is full of choices. Everything that we do, most because of our choice. Even the smallest thing, we will decide. That's why when we have so many choices, we tend to confuse on picking which one is the most suitable for us. 


Now, I'm kekeringan idea to continue this post. 

I need to be focus, focus and focus. And also be strong! For me, myself!

Suddenly, I think that's too many react word in this post. Isn't it?

Miss Che' Mistry is calling me, till then, bye!