Sunday, November 28

My appreciation


Thank you for all the things that you have done to me. I don't know on how I can repay back. I'm not sure. Sometimes, I feel embarassed with you. You are a lot greater than me. I admire your spirit. I admire your action. I hope one day we all can istiqamah. Insha Allah.

I know how 'muak' you have been with my stories. Truly, I'm sorry though. I just glad that sometimes you would lend me your ears for just a couple of minute. May Allah bless you, dear.

Maybe that I'm not ready yet with all this situation. It's a shocked, I think. I don't know. I'm confused enough. It's so so so hard for me. 

I just pray that Allah will give us His guidance, so that we can all stay on His right path. Insha Allah.

Sahabat, you really make my life greater. I love you. :)

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