Wednesday, September 29

The time has come!


Yeay! Alhamdulillah the final exam for semester one is done! However, the result is still unknown. What to do now is hoping for the best! Tawakal! May Allah gives the best for all of us. 

Now is the time for our holiday after a long study period. 3 weeks and 2 days, called- first semester break-. Still planning on what to do for this not-so-long holiday, maybe movie marathon? And please make true the planning 'nak turun Johor'. Its been quite a long time already....
Still, my holiday at Kedah will be only until 15 Oct, cause my parents decide on going KL at 16 October. So, my stay at Kedah x lah lame sgt. 

I still can't believe that semester one is finished. It seems like only yesterday we went into the place. Haha, poyo!

So, make use wisely this holiday for all yg tgh holiday. Two bounties that we always forgot to use it wisely and be grateful, " free time and great health". So Aina, remember! ^,^ 

For those yg tgh study, study leklok la ye. Yg ada exam, all the best!

From me, 

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