Friday, April 23


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Humans a.k.a Homosapiens
is beautified with the power of thought.

The thought of human have the power to create a new experiences.
From the experience, we learned, we gathered it and invest them to face all the future circumstances.
This is the needed of learning.
Some of the experiences come from learning, others from the real life.

Basically, we have the good thought and the negative thought.
The good thought is  beautiful. Such a rainbow beauty.

Some people cherish the negative thoughts. They get the pleasure from that.
The jealousy, doubt, fear would be necessary for them. You such a liar if none of it in your heart or mind.
As a normal person, we have these thoughts and it is weird if you didn't have anything of  these. You don't have to be such a liar. What come out from the mouth is not usually from the heart.

Positive thought altogether with the negative thought have its own power.
With positive power we build, with negative power we break.
As if we create or we destruct.

Negative thought is like a thief, they take something precious from us. We need to feel they are thief, they take the beauty of our inner wealth and inner life.

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