Saturday, March 6

i think its cute

G'day mate!

I'm starting doing things that are unbeneficial. I'm all by myself now, alone in my room. My dad's out. Ada kematian. Dia pegi tolong. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raji'un. 
My mom's is sewing. 
Oh sy bkn x mahu tolong tapi xdpt permission utk menolong.Haha.

I jln2 dlm internet ni and finally I found this...


aren't they cute?haha. eventhough they are kind freak.

Seriously I dont wanna be like this. 
No offended ok! This is for myself. 
 because sometime I have the MALAS symptom.

    M = Many
  =  Are
   L = Lazy
A  =  At
           S = exerciSing


nabilahmk said...

Gilaaa laaa ini kucinggg .

Aina Mardhiya said...

trkjut kn?