Tuesday, January 5


the music of 'nothing to do' surrounded the room.I am very bored.Even my brother get bored.Haha.He had nothing to do than watching the tv and surf the internet..not to mention he will ask me to watch the movie which he downloaded from the itrnet.Now,Alvin and the chipmunks done..waiting for 2012.
Blogjog,blogwalking,blogstrolling,what else??It's all done.
Ok,final,I searched for songs.Everything,from malay to english to arabic..Until I get addicted with the baba fein song.

At the hospital,I found so many of PLKN trainers at there.The thought of them who got PLKN came across my mind.Hmm..how are them right now???Guys,I hope everything is okay for you.All THE BEST!

Ok,many of my friend are at another step and they will drive the car,oh..it's so great.It's maybe another six years for me.I mean after this,only 21 years old are allowed for the license,right?

The internet is so slow that I can't upload the photos.sigh~~~

off now

Aina Mardhiya

p/s:yo people.always pray for our success in SPM okeh.Recently,heard that skema sgt syadid.Oh Allah help us!

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nawal said...

ak da nengok 2012..bez giler, bai!