Saturday, January 16


Okeh,I didn't write any post before this.
First,I don't know what to write about and second,got another thing to do.This time,I just want to share with all of you,I got an email from an ALKISan,he said that KISAS..(some might name it with another name..),will held "majlis pengiktirafan sekolah berprestasi tinggi yang KISAS juga akan mendapat pengiktirafan",which mean the college will be a School with the High Performance..some sort like that maybe.Anyway,congratulation to all for this award walhamdalillah.After all those thing that we had to do to gain that award.You deserve it KISAS.That majlis will be held next Saturday,he said TPM will be there.All the best for KISAS.

It doesn't matter whether you are KISAS or ALKIS,you had been there and you had gone throught it.

"The most beautiful things on the Earth cannot be touch neither be seen.It can only be feel"-anonymous-

Anyone who are interested to join ALKIS kindly give me your email.


nawal said...

join alkis kne bayar pa pe x? kalo free ak join ;p

Aina Mardhiya said...

cik nawal,xde kene byr pa pe pown..mau join ka?kalau nak,saya mau tolong dftrkan...

Zinnera Zahra said...

ehem2. "betul ka tiada yg pulang?"

lalalala ~

eh, ap kelebihan jd ALKIS?