Sunday, December 27

Be Angry

Tapi biar bertempat...
Most of us tends to get angry,isn't it?? Well...its nature of human feelings but you have to remember 'kalo nak marah kenelah pada tempatnye...

A research on psychology said that concealing anger will only cause you in tense and might lead you to serious diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack and more worse, cancer. So you know the consequences of concealing the anger.Due to that, it's better for you to express the anger in order to help your mind to be in better,well-kept condition.Besides, it trains your organs to be more sensitive until it know which one needed to be fixed off.So be one if you feel to BUT make sure you know the limit and the best way to channel the feeling. Don't be hastle in making the decisions.You don't want to be said as unwise in making decisions.Don't you???
But remember why you must get angry??Look at the reason first and think the needed of you becoming angry.Take a deep breath and say Astaghfirullah.Drink water or you could also take wudhu'.Its the best way to get away from feeling angry.

The post today is just as a sharing together.It is not for encouraging anyone to become angry okay.

Thank you for the Mufakkiratul Mukminah and the person.
SPM candidates, we are not really bebas sangat..remember that now is the time for the examiner to examine our answers.Let us pray that Allah will soften his/her heart while examining our answers.
May all of us get what we hopes for.amin...

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