Sunday, December 27

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah for His ni'mah we could still live in this well condition

Salawah and Salam towards prophet Muhammad s.a.w for his sacrifices in spreading that all of us now can live with the benefits of Islam and with the most greatest ni'mah which are Iman and Islam..Alhamdulillah
Alhamdulillah,praise to Allah, He had gave me time for me to link back to my blog after a long time I left it.With all the things I had to do..
Well it seems that a lot of my friends had missed the to if you ask me..The last moments at the college really meaningful..when the examination was over..there were many of us went straight back to home..but some of us remained there and well..we went for jalan-jalan of course...
Here are some of the pictures I managed to take before I left the school.

this picture is the last one

Lot of things happened here

if you could still remember


For friends who are asking for pictures of them..I can't give your pictures right now. Maybe next month okay.And one more thing I have to organise the pictures first..There are thousands of the pictures.And I can only organise the pictures if I have the time okay.So be patience okay.

Let us all pray for our happiness and not forget for our health.May Allah bless us all.

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