Tuesday, December 2

Lets learn vocabs

Let us all today learn a few vocabs...

Untuk pengetahuan rakan2 yang hendak mengambil SPM pada tahun 2009,
untuk part Paper 1..yg all the writings tu..

Pemeriksa mengehendaki(betulke nih????)..

1.Clear Idea
3.Simple Languange
4.Comprehensive essay..

So. lets share some vocab...

vocab x semestinya perkataan..it could be proverbs,idioms and others....

1. To build castles in the air- to daydreams(berangan)

2. Achilles' heel- a weak spot(kelemahan)

3. To backbite a person- to speak a bad about someone(rasanya sume dah tau)

4. His better half- a man's wife

5. In the same boat- in the same situation

6. The black sheep of the family-someone who brings disgrace to the family

7. To let the cat out of the bag- to let the secret out

8. To bury the hatchet- to forget past quarrels and be friends again

9. Rain cats and dogs- rain heavily

10.The coast is clear- the danger is past

thats all for now..10 is enough right???

Sape nak lagi leh la antar komen kata NAK!!!!hahaahha

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Zinnera Zahra said...

aina, kte pn skunk nga + idioms. hehe

kt umh kte ade satu set buku idioms
satu set, 6 buah buku!! fuh! bnyk uh

satu buku lak, 135 m/s

bygkn la//